Days 1 – 3 #EdisXmasCountdown 2017

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Can you believe it’s that time of year again?

Christmases (or should that be Christmi?) come around faster and faster each year.

The loyal readers among you might remember that, for advent last year, I did a countdown of my favourite Christmas songs, imaginatively titled #EdisXmasCountdown. The disloyal charlatans among you won’t remember that, but I forgive you. Christmas goodwill and all that.

So here’s the deal: every day, instead of scoffing a morsel of poor quality chocolate before breakfast, I will share one of my favourite Christmas songs on Twitter and my Instagram story. Then each Sunday, I will share a blog post, saying a little more about that week’s songs and what they mean to me.

This is the first of those posts.

I have tried to gather a mix of secular songs and carols, old and new music, as well as interesting covers of classic songs that you might not have heard. Hopefully there will be something for everyone, but perhaps it’s more likely that there will actually be nothing for anyone who isn’t me, seeing that this is a list of my favourite songs.

The Spotify playlist will be updated daily and last year’s playlist can be found here. Finally, all previous blog posts are available here.

Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way, this is what the last few days have sounded like to me.

Day 1

The Light Came Down – Josh Garrels

Our first song is a charming piece of indie folk. A slow, atmospheric start leads into gentle vocals from Garrels who sings us through the meaning of Christmas. The harmonies are stunning, the strings are cheerful, and the message is beautiful.

This is what Christmas is about.

I wanted to include this song in last year’s countdown but I discovered it too late and had already run out of space on the list. Regardless, I loved the song so much that I have been listening to it all year round, even though I know that enjoying Christmas music outside of November and December is illegal.

Worth it.

Day 2

Santa’s Coming For Us – Sia

Day two definitely steps things up a notch. This is the lead single from Sia’s new Christmas album Everyday Is Christmas. Seasonal albums are always a bit of a risk. On one hand, you’re limiting all purchases/streams of your music to the two aforementioned legally prescribed Christmas music months; but on the other hand, if you’re lucky, you can score a goldmine like All I Want For Christmas Is You which reportedly earns Mariah Carey £376,000 every year!

I don’t think Sia has anything to worry about because this upbeat pop track is an instant classic. Singing about the joy of indulging in clichéd yuletide things like hot chocolate and writing letters to Santa, this song taps into an excitement that I haven’t felt since I was but a young lad. With it’s irresistible beat and star-studded video, this catchy tune will have you bopping all the way to Christmas.

Day 3

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Andy Williams

Despite its unnecessarily long title, this track is an absolute staple of Christmas season. Basically just a list of things we do at Christmas, this cheerful song sounds like it was written exclusively to play over montages of Christmas preparations in movies. How many Christmas films (of varying quality) have you seen that open with this song playing in the background while people put lights on trees and wrap presents? I can already think of three.

Like literally every song that is even vaguely Christmas-related, Michael Buble has done a popular cover of this song, but today we’re going for the original.

Take it away, Andy.

That’s it for now, I’ll see you next week for some more festive tunes.



Header photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash


Playlist // 001


Back in 2010, a sixteen year-old me wrote a blog post about the music I was listening to at the time. The article, which starts with a quote from late 00s rapper Iyaz, features some juvenile writing from yours truly, as well as a list (which I still stand by, albeit very tentatively) of songs from the likes of Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo and Will.I.Am. Jokes about my unabashedly chart-loving tastes aside, it’s a testament to their staying power that most of the people on the list are still making music today.

Seven years on, I thought I’d revisit the concept and let you know which songs are soundtracking my life in 2017. This time there’s no Katy Perry. This time…

(Here is the Spotify playlist and I’ve also put Youtube links in the song titles below.)

TG4M – Zara Larsson

Chilled pop-y tropical house (popical house?) is what brought Zara Larsson to the mainstream with last summer’s Lush LifeTG4M (Too Good For Me) from her debut album So Good follows that template with a candy-dipped hook and simple, catchy lyrics.

Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran had to feature on this list. His new album Divide is tearing up the charts and world records alike so it’s almost a given that his name will invariably appear on just about any list of music right now. Unless it was maybe a list of people who haven’t recently broken world music records. Maybe then.

Galway Girl is a beautiful Irish folk-inspired ditty about the ever potent charm of an Irish lass.

Fight Sleep – Dagny

After last year’s Backbeat, Norweigan pop debutante is back with Fight Sleep – a cheerful song about trying to stay awake and make the most of time. Contrary to popular belief, Dagny is not an eight year old who has just been sent to bed.

Mr Davy – Give Me England

Mr Davy‘s grungy rock harks back to 90s/00s era greats, as do the political lyrics on  the first single from the GME boys’ upcoming album Generation Why. The music video for this moody track has been lifted right from the last decade in visuals, setting and even clothing; the odd iPhone being the only 21st century giveaway. The boys also do a great acoustic version of the song.


TRACE delivers chilled soulful synth pop in Low from her 2016 EP of the same name. Slow and brooding, yet optimistic, this song was an instant win for me. To paraphrase the lyrics, I definitely prefer you, TRACE.

Liability – Lorde

When Lorde’s music first came out around 2013/14 I was going through a melancholy contemplative phase where I’d lie in bed listening to sad-ish music. Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Florence & the Machine sighed, murmured and pouted me in and out of this stage. As such, I was thrilled when Lorde recently released Green Light – a rousing anthem that is as pensively euphoric as she is able to muster.

Liability is a stripped back follow-up and is beautiful, vulnerable and characteristically reflective. Moody teens and 20-somethings are going to love it