Sartorial Sorcery


I have a friend who is a witch.

Ok, he’s not quite a witch, but he is into magic.

Well, he does card tricks. It’s just that some of his tricks baffle me to the extent that sorcery is genuinely the only logical explanation.

Anyway, this friend of mine, keen to get his witchcraft career going has taken to coasting around bars with a deck cards, wowing people with his particular brand of trickery. Simply from doing this, he has made useful contacts (maybe even a celebrity or two) and has even received offers to perform. It’s basically magical networking – like how I’d imagine Harry Potter would have gotten his first job.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because of my friend’s golden rule: No one questions a man in a good suit.

There’s just something about a suit that gives you a certain confidence, a certain sense of legitimacy. It protects you. Like a suit of armour.

If you saw me running down the street in a hoodie, let’s face it, you’d probably think I’d stolen something. If you saw me running down the street in a suit however, you might assume that I was a businessman, late for a terribly important meeting, or maybe a contestant on The Apprentice with five minutes left to finish the challenge before facing Lord Sugar and a tutting Karen Brady in the boardroom.

As such, no one questions why a stranger in a bar has just asked them to pick a card, when said stranger is wearing a nice suit. It just adds to the mystery.

In that vein, I decided to do a little suiting wizardry of my own and put together this formal outfit.

Going for a bit of an old-fashioned banker/ Tory politician vibe, the outfit is decidedly navy in theme.

Keeping things as classy as you’ve come to expect from this blog, my trousers and waistcoat are from Primark… in the sale. Regardless, I love the navy Prince of Wales check that harks back to Britiain’s bold tailoring traditions (or at least it would if it cost more than £15).

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a blazer in my size so, instead, I thought I’d relax things a little and go jacket-less. Then I remembered that I live in England and that it was January so I opted instead for my favourite coat which I think suits it quite well.

The shirt is from H&M. Due to my neanderthal-esque proportions, the cuffs on most shirts stop just shy of my wrists, which I really need to look into. Recently however, I’ve taken to giving my coat sleeves a single roll and, handily, this slightly tricks the eye into thinking that my arms aren’t quite as lanky as they truly are.

The frankly huge holdall bag is from Admittedly I didn’t envisage quite how large it would be when I ordered it – the woes of buying online. As I realised when it arrived, pictures don’t really do it justice but, take my word for it, it’s massive. It’s a great weekend bag though, because I can basically fit all of my worldly possessions in it with little to no trouble. I can’t be dealing with cramming things into small bags. I was never any good at Tetris.

My tie was a Christmas present from my housemates and it’s from Next. I’m a big fan of the tan/rust colour which brightens up what would otherwise be quite a dark, plain look. Finally, finishing off the outfit are my trusty blue-laced brogues from eBay.

And hey presto, there’s a look fit for any aspiring wizard.




Think Pink


Remember the times when wearing pink as a man meant you must be a New Man or a metrosexual? I don’t because I was either unborn or barely sentient at the time.

Oh to be a millennial. I mean, we’re saddled with student debt and probably will never own homes, but at least we can wear pink with impunity.

Worth it.

Jokes aside, various shades of pink have been popping up everywhere in menswear recently so I thought I’d do a look to reflect this.

Over the last year grungy neutral colours (browns, beiges, creams) have dominated street wear. As can be said for many things, I blame Kanye West. Dusty pinks however have really  been a standout from these neutrals and walking into Topman nowadays is like visiting Barbie’s dream house.

Much as I’m into pink, it’s worth being careful not to overdo it. You don’t want look like Jigglypuff. Anyway, here’s my take.

Let’s start off with this plain pink tee. I usually wear a medium but went for a large as it was all that the shop had left. Luckily, I quite prefer the skater-esque slightly oversized look. That said, it’s up to you how snug you like it.

As the weather seems to be holding out, much to everyone’s surprise, I’ve got my legs out. These plain grey shorts butch up the pink tee a little bit, much like the packaging of this “volcanic” men’s face wash. In colder weather, try black or grey jeans.

Chuck a dark bomber jacket on top to finish off the look. I like this black souvenir-style embroidered one from

Finally I’ve added some shades, sporty socks, and my favourite cap as the cherries on top. And on my face and feet.

Just a word of advice: this look looks best on Wednesdays.

Tropical Monochrome


My, my. It has been a while, hasn’t it?

Now let’s not start pointing fingers and throwing accusations about who abandoned whom, let’s just all enjoy the fact that we’re together again. Deal?

Ok, let’s get down to business. (To defeat the Huns.)

Summer’s pretty much dead and gone and we’re rapidly moving into the only season where it is appropriate to use the words pumpkin and spice in the same sentence. Or latte for that matter.


As something as a final hurrah for the dying season, let’s try a last ditch attempt at a summer look. This muted tropical outfit will see you from your mate’s BBQ through to drinks at your favourite rooftop bar.

With a top half as striking (and let’s face it – obnoxious) as this, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible. I’ve gone for these black skinny suit trousers from ASOS. Black jeans would work just as well, but proper trousers give it a subtle touch of formal, making it look a little more thought out. On a hot day, dark shorts would be great too.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

White trainers are pretty much my go-to at the moment, but you could probably already tell that by how well-worn they are! For a monochrome look, obviously the only colours allowed are black, white and the 50 or so shades of grey, so these white sneaks fit perfectly. The trainers dress down the suit trousers and make sure everyone knows that you’re still young and cool, but if you want to go a little more upmarket, black brogues or monkstrap shoes could replace the sneaks, taking the look from day to night.

Going ‘sockless’ with the trouser hems rolled up once or twice is a nice touch. (I awkwardly forgot to do the hems in the picture.) I put sockless in inverted commas because not wearing socks in the summer just leads to sweaty, smelly shoes which is bad for everyone, especially the people you live with. Try no-show socks like these and your housemates will love you forever. Unless of  course you’ve got other things wrong with you. But I’ve tried my best.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

This tropical tee and shirt are from but I’m not even going to bother linking them because their stock turns over so quickly. I thought I’d go for the matching set as it’s something that stands out. Matchy-matchy can be hard to pull off so replacing the tee with a plain white one, leaving just the tropical shirt, would be a great alternative if you’re not sure. I decided to tuck in the t-shirt as, once again, it adds a formal touch to the look.

Hawaiian-esque shirts are having something of a comeback at the moment, especially with the rise of the Cuban (or revere) collar. That said, it can be easy to look like you’ve accidentally stumbled into your father’s holiday wardrobe. To combat that, I’ve gone for a minimal black and white pattern.

Alternatively, as we move into autumn, you might want to jettison the tropical print altogether and try a similar look with other patterns. Paisley, windowpane check and stripes (pinstripe and otherwise) are some of my favourites.

Finally, throw on a plain baseball cap and some mirrored sunglasses to finish off this contemporary look with a 90s twist.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Well I have to say, it was great catching up! We really must do this more often.

Call me.